Overview of Clinician Services

Our services minimize risk and maximize study power.

MedAvante’s clinicians apply our expertise with clinical trial logistics to address the root causes of failed trials. We provide services that mitigate the risks of bias, variability and human error. Our Virgil Platform enables the seamless, integrated delivery of each service.

Central Ratings

Our expert rater network remotely administers and scores assessments to minimize bias.

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Central Review

Our clinicians review study data to improve the quality of assessment administration and scoring.

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Rater Qualification & Training

Our training minimizes variability across raters and prepares clinicians for a study.

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Central Ratings

Maximize signal detection

Central Ratings is a comprehensive, customized solution that protects sponsors against bias and variability – a root cause of inconclusive trial results.

We are the world leader in Central Ratings, having pioneered the methodology over a decade ago. In that time we have completed over 55 Central Ratings studies, and our expert Central Raters have achieved the highest inter-rater reliability in the industry.

Uniting clinical and logistical expertise, Central Ratings streamlines the complex process of coordinating global trials.

How does it work?

MedAvante’s Central Raters remotely conduct live clinical assessments of subjects at study sites, either by telephone or videoconference. Central Raters are trained to a single standard, monitored and calibrated with one another to minimize variability.

Because they are remote, Central Raters are not subject to the biases that may dampen signal detection. They are “blinded” to protocol details and patient history, and are uninfluenced by repeated contact with patients. They also check and confirm subject eligibility.

Central Ratings increases study power and reduces sample sizes.

  • Minimizing scoring variability enhances study power.
  • Increased study power allows for smaller sample sizes.
  • Up to 66% fewer raters are required to complete the same number of assessments as traditional site-based raters.
  • Central Ratings helps sponsors access subjects at sites without professionals in their therapeutic area.
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Central Review

Catch errors before they compromise signal and risk tipping a trial to failure

Central Review is a rigorous monitoring service in which MedAvante clinicians review selected assessments that were administered by site raters. This post-hoc analysis facilitates real-time data review and helps keep your study on track. Our expert clinician reviewers are trained to meet an exacting standard of uniformity, and we provide stringent guidelines for conducting Central Reviews. Our reviewers also perform subject eligibility checking.

Central Review helps sponsors improve the quality of baseline and endpoint data collected throughout the study.

How does it work?

Highly qualified, experienced clinicians (fluent in the local language of each study country) review recordings, notes and source documents. Our global team maintains calibration and quality control through intensive training and ongoing reliability measurements.

Assessments are selected for review by a criteria-based algorithm, and any issues are swiftly addressed and communicated to the sponsor.

  • Central Reviews are performed by the industry’s only cohort of clinicians trained to the same standard.
  • The Virgil platform facilitates the entire process – no extra steps are required.
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Rater Qualification & Training

Ensure consistent scoring and accurate outcomes

MedAvante delivers highly flexible training based on years of clinical expertise and extensive trial experience. Our approach is grounded in proven concepts in adult learning.

MedAvante’s training team includes clinical and psychometric experts, as well as authors of widely used rating scale instruments. MedAvante has trained thousands of raters for trials around the world in a variety of therapeutic areas.

Our training programs include: initial pre-qualification of raters through online training; small-group applied training remotely or at investigator meetings; and as-needed coaching.

  • Online tutorials, videos and tests are available 24/7 to provide initial training and qualification of site raters.
  • Additional self-training or refreshers can be provided.
  • All content is language-specific and CFR part 21-compliant.
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